Friends of the Philippines Society USA is nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to empowering diversity and integrating multiculturalism by promoting understanding and cross-cultural collaboration in a global milieu. Friends’ programs are designed to provide meaningful exchange of opportunities, connections and information in educational, cultural, business and social context enhancing appreciation of the Philippines and United States and strengthening national and international alliances.


Spring 2018:
May 12, 2018, 7PM
Jaqueline Kennedy Onasis High School Auditorium
120 West 46th Street
New York, NY

Summer 2018:
New Filipino Music Workshop Series - A 2 week workshop series where composers and singers collaborate in the creation and cultivation of newly composed Filipino works culminating in a concert or semi-staged performance. Utilizing relevant themes surrounding the Filipino experience - i.e. diaspora, Overseas foreign workers, Immigration, etc., the aim is to build more awareness and education through the creative process of composition and performance and also to provide a platform for the creation of new Filipino works.

Fall 2018:
Dance Masterclass & Showcase - A Dance Masterclass will provide an opportunity to talented Filipino dance students in the Tri-State area to learn and share experiences with top rate dance instructors and professionals. The afternoon will culminate in a showcase of the students in a performance in the same venue to an open audience.

OTHER 2018?
Friends of the Philippines Society USA has developed a multi-year plan designed to encompass the range of business, education, cultural and social issues.

• Financial Literacy: To provide financial literacy workshops for artists, young adults, domestic workers and caregivers, etc. to be conducted by a financial institution
• Current Affairs: To conduct discussions on currents affairs of the Philippines, US and other nations
• Professional Networking Series with Guest Speakers: To hold bi-annual networking event for professionals featuring guest speakers speaking on various current affairs topics.

• Literature/Book Club: To hold a series of discussion of books by Filipino authors
• Children’s Books: To provide reading series of children’s books about the Philippines
• History Series - Philippines: To present a lecture series about the history of the Philippines
• History Series - Filipino Americans in the US: To present a lecture series of the Filipino American migration and experience in the United States
• Tagalog Language Series: To conduct Tagalog language classes for Adults, for children

Fashion and Design:
• Filipino American Designers: To showcase Fil Am designers in fashion show

• Documentary Series: Screen films about the Philippines and major Filipinos personalities
• Filipino Films: Showing of films by Filipino filmmakers

• Filipino American Artists: Highlight emerging Filipino American artists in exhibitions

Performing Arts:
• Concert Series: Produce concerts featuring Philippine Music and Filipino musicians
• Interdisciplinary Series: Present interdisciplinary performances showcasing Filipino performing artists
• Music: Conduct Composition Competition and Present New Music Works, Sponsor Music Festival
• Dance Showcase: Presentation of Filipino dancers, choreographers

Lecture Series:
• PR & Marketing for Artists: Conduct workshop on public relations and marketing of artists.
• Relevant Filipino Music in the Digital Age: Hold discussion of the role of Filipino Music in the digital age

• Filipino Food Festival: Collaborate with Filipino Restaurants and Filipino chefs to hold a food festival
• Crafts: Introduction to Weaving per region, Making of Intricate Paper Cuts
• Martial Arts/Sports: Presentation of basic Arnis, How to make a Sipa Ball
• Traditional Filipino Tattooing: Demonstration of the traditional art of tattooing